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Posted on April 8th, 2010 by admin

revolution in work on the web tools

  1. Leah is trying to make account creation and sign-in easier.
  2. Typekit wants you to use licensed-for-web fonts with ease.
  3. Anil is pushing your buttons.
  4. NoSQL is changing how we use a database.

    NoSQL is a database movement which began in early to mid 2009. The term refers to certain non-relational data stores (no fixed schema or inefficient join operations.)

    Relational databases such as MySQL and MSSQL have been the de facto standard for building web applications. The idea that not all data is related, or needs to be, and building around that, may transform how we work with databases in the future. Cassandra and Amazon’s Dynamo are the leading tools, with many others in the linked Wikipedia article.

  5. Snook makes sure that you can embed fonts in all browsers.
  6. Mark is teaching us HTML5 as best as anyone can.

Source: http://movethewebforward.com/

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