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Posted on December 23rd, 2009 by admin

From Mashable: Digg’s Top 10 Most Popular Stories of 2009

From MASHABLE, here are

The Top Ten Stories on Digg in 2009

10. 11,200+ diggs: This is why I love Digg… (PIC)
- Summary: Digg bands together to “sing” a classic…

9. 11,400+ diggs: Girlfriend’s angry emails to her vacationing boyfriend
- Summary: One of the best humor videos from CollegeHumor this year. The text says it all..

8. 11,500+ diggs: Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard
- Summary: The Onion mocks Apple and Apple’s fanboys with the “Macbook Wheel.”

7. 11,800+ diggs: Mythbusters vaporize a car with a rocket sled doing 650mph
- Summary: Do I really have to explain this one?

6. 12,200+ diggs: AT&T blocks 4chan!
- Summary: AT&T blocks 4chan. 4chan responds angrily. A ceasefire is declared and AT&T unblocks 4chan. AT&T says it wasn’t aimed at 4chan. Moral of the story: Don’t piss off 4chan.

5. 12,800+ diggs: The Pirate Bay Trial: The Official Verdict – Guilty
- Summary: The Pirate Bay’s founders were declared guilty of copyright infringement, beginning TPB’s long spiral downward.

4. 14,300+ diggs: We Didn’t Start the Flame War [Music Video]
- Summary: CollegeHumor hits another home run with this video.

3. 18,800+ diggs: The Story of Prisoner F95488
- Summary: This ESPN Magazine article touched a nerve with the Digg community as a rising soccer star was thrown into jail for something many believe he didn’t do.

2. 24,900+ diggs: Michael Jackson Dies
- Summary: The world mourned together.

1. 25,500+ diggs: Barack Obama Officially Becomes 44th American President
- Summary: Digg saw Obama as change it could believe in.

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